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video walk through of the virtual reality with sound, 2021

In the work homeflesh I circle and investigate a fabric of memories and dreams, a part of my autobiographical memory. I am interested in the multimedia nature of memory and the mythologization of the childhood through breaking of reality structures, into the surreal world of experience of the child‘s mind, in whose universe anything is possible - the telephone is a banana, the mother turns into an alien at night in order to call her alien home, pathological nosebleeds become a symbol of mortality, but also an umbilical cord connecting the generations.
With the help of different media, such as drawing, sculpture, text, sound, 2D-animation and a virtual reality enironment, I circle around this construct of memories to form it into a non-linear narrative, a poetic structure of image, sound and language, a private mythological contemplation.

Homeflesh, 2021, installation view «Wired Magic – Regionale 22», 2021, HEK (House of Electronic Arts), Photo: Franz Wamhof

with great support of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, Viborg Kunsthal (Riddergade AIR programme) and Statens Kunstfond Denmark

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