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Palm and Cheek

Animation, Sound, Text, 04:16min, 2023

The work "Palm and Cheek" consists of animated image sequences, synthesizer sounds, and vocals. The visual material was created using prompt-based text-to-video AI models from Runway. The first part of the film presents several short sequences depicting hands touching or merging with each other. The intentional use of AI's inability to generate realistically animated hands becomes a metaphor for the complexity of relationships, emotions, and touch.

In the second part of the film, abstracted, distorted, or incomplete faces and heads are shown, occasionally touched or played with by hands. Here, a "uncanny valley aesthetic" symbolically points to the inadequacies in expressing emotion and intimacy. The animations are accompanied by stumbling, ponderous synthesizer beats and sounds, along with artificially sounding vocals.

The sung lyrical text describes shared emotional experiences between two or more entities, whether human or artificial. The integration of AI tools opens a meta-level of reflection, addressing the role that technologies like Artificial Intelligence play in the perception of corporeality and interpersonal closeness, as well as the shifting boundaries that arise through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Auszug, 01:09min


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