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you could throw a kaenga

video-walkthrough of the virtual reality, with sound

In the work you could throw a kaenga, Johanna Mangold explores states of consciousness related to sleep. In the first phase of the project, the artist withdraws into seclusion to experiment intensively with a wide variety of techniques and substances that are intended to be helpful, for example, in inducing lucid dreams (a lucid dream or lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer becomes aware that he or she is dreaming, that is, part of the waking consciousness is active during sleep. Depending on the person and the degree of practice, the dream environment and action can be controlled in this state of consciousness). Johanna Mangold documents her experiences by means of a large number of notes, small-format paintings and drawings. The result is a 188-page diary-like volume, a kind of logbook.

In a second phase, Mangold processes the collected experiences and the resulting material with the help of the medium of virtual reality. In this process, 3D models, photogrammetric elements, sound, text, drawings, and video fragments are combined into a digital environment consisting of five scenes that can be explored with the help of VR glasses and controllers. Mangold is particularly interested in the parallels between the two worlds of experience (lucid) dream and virtual reality, and the possibility of making the individual dream reality experienceable for the viewer through immersive media.

exhibition view in in HEK Basel, Switzerland (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel), Expanded Video Works - Regionale 21, 2021, Foto: Franz Wamhof

virtual reality , digital stills, 2020

Präsentationsansicht in der Galerie Monica Ruppert, solo show, 2023, Foto: Marco Vedana

Excerpts from the 188-page logbook, 2019

Views of the exhibition "we grew some eyes" in the Villa Merkel in Esslingen

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