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Zaubertrank (Magic potion)

Johanna Mangold and Jan-Hendrik Pelz have brewed a potion that is said to have transformed them into the best artists in the world. 

After an in-depth study of areas of magic and ritual, a list of suitable ingredients was compiled, the procurement of which Pelz and Mangold documented in advance by video. The brewed potion was drunk in a final performance. 

The work humorously questions the mechanisms of the art business and comments with a winking eye on the striving for success and the pressure of competition in contemporary art. 

The choice of magic ingredients and ceremonies is inspired by the magical practices of different cultures and ages. However, the composition of the ingredients and the rituals were individually developed or supplemented by the artists.

Video stills and presentation views of the work "Zaubertrank (Magic Potion)", performance, video, 01:25:55, 2016-2018 

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