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In my work, I am interested in the connection between our tangible reality, the unconscious, and fiction. I am fascinated by dream experiences and the mechanisms of memory, and how personal stories are mirrored through myths and human experiences are affected by archetypal motifs emerging from the unconscious mind.

I experiment with alternative forms of the narrative, for example, the nonlinear narrative in visual art. In doing so, I circle a character or a theme with the help of different media within a cycle of works, and work out the essence via form, color, as well as word and sound, in the, thus developing narrative. I take different perspectives, which can be of human or non-human nature, compose dream-like scenarios, which, however, should always also establish a connection to socially relevant issues, raising questions.

The human protagonists enters into a relationship with their inner and outer spaces of experience. The depicted bodies and faces appear mostly incomplete, distorted, grotesque. They serve as representatives or prototypes and are always in a state of change, in a state of flux. Thus, for example, they merge with animal or plant components and objects or symbols into hybrid beings describing bodies as places of transformation, as biographical maps, as places of memory in which experiences are reflected as marks.


I usually work parallel within different media, such as drawing, text, video, painting, sound, sculpture and with digital media, such as virtual reality. I am interested in linking media within work cycles, and especially in the interplay between analog and digital or virtual aspects. For example, I translate drawings or sculptures into digital space and combine them with sound, 3D models and animations to create virtual environments through which the viewer can move with the help of a virtual reality headset.

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